As you're well aware COVID-19 (coronavirus) has been spreading at a rapid rate. We are letting our community know, that we are taking extra steps to help flatten the curve. Our implementation steps include: more frequent and intensive cleaning of our office spaces, strict social distancing with special consideration to high-risk staff and a significant decrease of in-store pick up by utilising our delivery services.
We wanted to inform everyone that we are still open. We at times, are still experiencing some problems with our phones as a result of the overwhelming demand on the network. If this happens, please send us a quick email.
Lastly, we ask that everyone remains patient during this pandemic. We have been experiencing a lot of queries over email. Our team aim to get back to everyone within 24hours. Further, we are expecting some delays in logistics, so your order may get to you later than expected. Again, we ask for some patience.
Keep safe and let's all get through this together.
For updates on COVID-19 (coronavirus) please see the Department of Health website.


Please note we're not expecting any further delays as a result of border closures across the country. It is our understanding that delivery vehicles will be exempt for obvious reasons. 

"Some of the minor issues around trucks and large haulage vehicles, they'll be green lighted through with exemption, but we'll be stopping and dip sampling those trucks."

NSW Commissioner Fuller


Please note we're experiencing delays from all suppliers with respect to order fulfilment and stock replenishment. As a result of delayed purchasing during the early peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses adapted to reduced demand. 

However, as domestic and international travel was banned, we saw a massive increase in sales for our products in the automotive industry. We are all adapting to these changes, but we want to make everyone aware that the effects of COVID-19 are still with us. 

As again, we re-iterate patience is well and truly needed during this time. 




Australia Post are above capacity which is resulting with significant delays. Again we ask for patience, as depots and air freight resources can't be increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement from Australia Post

"Our priority at Australia Post is to protect our people, customers and community so we can continue to serve Australians both during, and after, the current Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re doing everything possible to keep delivering for Australia. Our Post Offices remain open and our posties and drivers are still out delivering each and every day.

With many people moving to online shopping as they work from home, self-isolate or sensibly avoid confined public spaces to protect themselves, we are seeing and uplift in parcels that is resulting in some delays in our network.

The current reduction in domestic flights has seen delays begin to occur in our domestic deliveries – particularly in the Express Post Network.

Social distancing measures we are putting in place across our facilities also have an impact on the throughout of parcels and letters in our sortation systems, but the safety of our people is a priority for us.

Our parcels businesses is also experiencing an uplift in heavier parcels that require manual processing – exercise equipment and wine shipments fall into this category.

We’re using the breadth and benefit of our extensive network to work tirelessly for our communities, to get essential items to people that need it, and to keep delivering for Australians.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but be assured that we’re working as hard as we can to reduce the impact on customers, and thank everyone for their support and patience during this time."


**Last update 7th July 2020**