Here are a few hidden truths behind one of the most sought after shock absorbers. 

The ULTIMA 4x4 range and line up is the most comprehensive and up to date brand in Australia when it comes to vehicle coverage. ULTIMA Shock absorbers have been trialed and tested in Australia and are subject to ongoing testing and development. 

ULTIMA Shock absorbers are exported to over a 100 countries worldwide and used in the harshest environments. The ULTIMA 4x4 ranges includes 4 different bore sizes along with a full range of steering dampeners. The lineup includes: 

Most 40 Heavy Duty Series ULTIMA 4x4 shocks are fitted with stone guards (unless clearance issues will not allow) providing ultimate protection. All ULTIMA shocks are gas charged and use specific grades of oil designed to minimize heat build up, allowing ultimate performance in all conditions even at extreme stroke rate. All ULTIMA shocks use OE NOK oil seals. Every ULTIMA shock absorber is dyno tested during production to ensure each unit meets specific valving specifications set after many years of development and testing. Any unit that does not meet these specifications after assembly is then scrapped to ensure every shock and strut sold will meet customer expectations.