SuperPro is an innovative Australian manufacturer of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings, control arms, sway bars and other suspension components for both 4x4 and performance vehicles. SuperPro is based in Brisbane, Queensland and does all engineering and manufacturing on site, ensuring the best quality product. Engineered to outperform, SuperPro’s specially formulated, high quality components are designed to create suspension solutions for better stability, handling and control in both on and off road applications.

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SuperPro products are formed using our own engineered product designs. They are made using a proprietary engineering grade polyurethane formula with unique material properties. SuperPro Polyurethane is a special elastomer-based material that gives an extremely durable suspension product boasting the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic.

Suspension Bushings

We offer an Australian manufactured range of innovative SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushings to suit a variety of applications. These specially formulated, high quality components are designed to create suspension solutions for better stability, handling, and control in both on and off road applications.

SuperPro has the largest suspension bushing range in the world. If the bushing exists, there is an extremely high chance we have developed an aftermarket replacement.

Super Pro range includes:

Control Arms

SuperPro control arms are manufactured, tested and designed in Australia. Our control arms are built to the highest standard and are designed to outperform the competition and a product’s OE counterpart. SuperPro has designed multiple types of control arms with different features to suit all applications.

This range includes:

Sway Bars

SuperPro sway bars are Australian designed and manufactured and have been tested in the harsh Australian conditions. Our sway bar range was designed with the idea of ‘Dynamic Control’. This resulted in the sway bars being engineered to give a vehicle sharper steering, better handling and more grip for all driving situations.

Our Sway Bar range includes:

Lift Kits

The SuperPro Easy Lift Kits (Spacer Block Lift Kit) are the ideal way to lift a standard height Dual or Single Cab 4WD Ute and retain the standard suspension. The Easy Lift Kits are innovatively designed to give you a greater ground clearance for off-road ability, while still working with the vehicle’s existing suspension components. Each block lift has been precision cut, molded, designed and tested to ensure the lift for each vehicle will be of high performance.

SuperPro Product Features

SuperPro manufacture and distribute an extensive range of innovative products that are suited for all markets and global applications. Our products are designed right here in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and reliability of supply.

Our SuperPro products feature:

Enhance the daily driver

Your everyday car can easily be enhanced with Roll Control products for sharper steering and less body roll, making it safer for driver and passenger.

We help Falcon and Commodore drivers with better handling AND lower tyre wear.

Street performance

The hardest thing to get right is street performance handling, but Roll Control delivers.

These enhancements control body roll the smart way, while giving you more grip even on track days.

Track or motorsport

Guy Harding from APR Australia relies on the Roll Control range to increase grip and deliver better handling for his Golf.

The Supaloy arm is part of the Roll Control range and uses Grip Dynamics for a better performance solution

Off-road, 4x4 or 4WD

You'll find SuperPro Roll Control products used on armoured 4wd Landcruiser's in many of the worlds conflict centres right now. Better handling, steering and grip are a life and death matter for these drivers. You should consider SuperPro Roll Control products for your 4wd too.

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