EVC iDRIVE Throttle Controllers are considered as one of the leading throttle controllers in the world; servicing and leading both domestic and international markets. With offices in Australia and the United States; distribution centres in New Zealand, Dubai, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United Kingdom; it hasn’t taken us long to grow from a one person show into what we are today.

The iDRIVE Throttle Controllers first hit the Australian market in 2012 and started gaining immediate popularity for their instant effectiveness, ease of installation and attractive price-point. iDRIVE saw the depth of the potential market for throttle controllers in Australia; however, after trying a few of the more popular products we weren’t satisfied with their performance, intuitiveness or overall durability. This spawned an intensive 18-month research, product and business development journey which led to the creation of the EVC Throttle Controller, now Australia’s highest selling and most trusted throttle controller.